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Skin Care Tips — Hair Removal

How Dermaplaning Can Change Your Life

Exfoliating Hair Removal LED Light Therapy Lines & Wrinkles

How Dermaplaning Can Change Your Life

 Dermaplaning can give you instant gratification!  No fuss!  No Muss!   End results   -   you have smooth softer skin.  I'll try to explain what is dermaplaning and the benefits to your skin.  How dermaplaning helped my client's desire to stop wearing makeup.  Which serums and anti-aging treatment complement a dermaplaning treatment.  Dermaplaning is for all skin types.  Dermaplaning exposes smoother, more vibrant looking skin.  Skin that easily absorbs facial serums and moisturizers I like the way the skin looks after dermaplaning.  I think it has a more luminous look. Perhaps because I always treat the skin with LED light therapy and antioxidants serums...

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