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Skin Seasonal Changes

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Have you notice when the leaves start falling, your skin starts doing things that makes you an unhappy camper?

Here's Why.

Studies have proven there is a meaningful change in skin oil production, skin barrier function as well as the moisture content.  If you’re using the same skin care products for both winter and summer, you may be causing your skin care problems.  


Do you have Acne?

Sebum production in people with acne was lower in the winter and higher in the fall.   

A minor adjustment could be made in the winter, such as changing your cleanser.   The fall you may want to add a serum for oil control and update your moisturizer or cleanser.

The question is

What About People With Sensitive Skin?

Persons with sensitive skin and very sensitive skin were more numerous in summer than in winter.   

During a seasonal change, you need to ask yourself.

Should you change your cleanser?  Or do you replace your skin’s lipids and hydrate your skin with a serum.  

At Summer's End...

The skin has a buildup of dead cells.  This layer of dead cells will affect the results of your skin care products. 

A gentle exfoliating step is necessary to remove them.  But what type of exfoliator should you use? 

Problem Solved!


Take advantage of the Professional Aesthetics Assistance Program offer at Loisstores.

Your skin needs changes from season to season and adjustments should be made to your skin care regimen as accordingly.


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